Solutions by Size
Bentley Technology Group provides the most recent IT services by engaging a group of professionals to perform optimally towards service delivery. Our trusted and competent group of professionals is highly skilled to provide quality IT services for your individual, group, or corporate business. We offer quality services ranging from repairs, installation, maintenance, fixation, networking, among many other fields. More specifically we offer services in:
  • Managing computer networks.
  • Creation of original web pages.
  • Production of digital videos.
  • Designing of computer systems.
  • Selling products as vendors on the internet.
  • 3D Design artwork.
  • Software coding.
  • Provision of technical services.
  • Managements of budgets and projects
  • Writing of technical documentation.
  • Administration of company database.
Other essential services include:
  • Disposal and recycle of redundant equipment.
  • Rollouts of PC desktops.
  • Re-racking and de-raking of servers.
  • Consultancy services.
Our qualified team of professionals can handle these and many more computers related problems. At Bentley Technology Group, we provide free check up services for your computer problems. Therefore, if you are not sure of what is happening on your network, Bentley consultants will conduct the analysis for you, and provide the best solution. Also, the group of experts will advise you on the best precautionary measures to ensure you gain maximum benefits from your automated business.
During relocation, some equipment such as routers, tape libraries, monitors, CPUs, SANs, servers among others require maximum handling care. Our qualified group of professionals is quite skilled in handling your precious equipment. Consider to consult us today for your safe relocation and avoid material damage as a result of poor handling.
Researchers show that many people incur a heavy cost as a result of poor IT handling. Some unqualified IT organizations exist in the market today. To avoid falling into the trap of unskilled services from unscrupulous dealers, contact Bentley Technology Group for quality services. We assure you of satisfaction and long-term benefit from our services. There are some reasons that you should consider services from Bentley Technology Group. These factors include:
  • Quality services.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Timely response.
  • Gentle customer services.
  • Proven management.
  • Proven skills of work.

  We apply the most recent technology in handling your IT needs. With the emergence of new and complicated gadgets such as I-pads, Smartphone’s, micro cameras, among others, we quickly adapt towards ensuring the right kind of service for you. Make a contact with us today and be assured of quality service! Whatever solutions you seek for your organization, do not hesitate to talk to Bentley Technology Group LLC. We are ready to listen to you at any time you choose to call our friendly helpdesk.

Not too big, not too small (Up to 500 potential users)

Congratulations!! You have made it. As a company, our greatest challenge was getting started and we understand how difficult it can be. You have made it and growing. Maybe its time for you to get an helping hand by outsourcing IT services as you concentrate on your core business.

Using BTG, we will help you by providing advanced technology and a well-established IT team to manage your IT services. We will advise you on the best and least expensive IT platforms to use.

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